The Great Debate: Product vs Application

Before you go and shell out some dollars on a new foundation or eye shadow, try re-visting it with a new technique 🙂

A great product is nothing without the right application!

Take my Makeup Forever HD Foundation for example. I use to love this little bottle of magic years ago but lately – it doesn’t wasn’t doing what it use. I assumed my skin changed so I started mixing in some Smashbox 15 Hour wear and decided it was time to invest in a new foundation.

In a rush one morning and my brushes being in need of a good wash, I opted to quickly grab my old buffing brush sitting on my dresser because it was the only one that was clean and unused. Quickly threw some foundation on the back of my hand, sprayed a bit of rose water spray onto my little old buffing brush and effortlessly worked it into my skin.


15 seconds later I looked into the mirror and voila – there it was – that glow! That glow I fell in love with years ago! The glow that gave my Makeup Forever HD Foundation and Buffing brush the spotlight on my makeup table for years.

Totally just fell in love with my MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation all over again ❤ ❤ ❤ There’s such a big difference between a regular foundation blending brush and a buffing brush finish when it comes to liquid foundations.

Bored with how some of your own products are working?
Try these quick tips:

– moisten your shadow brush before applying eye-shadow for more intensified colour

– skip the big fluffy brush and opt for one that’s smaller and more compact. Use this to buff your powder into your skin after your foundation for a more flawless airbrush finish

– conceal your lips with your foundation prior to applying lipstick for it’s true colour to show

– use a tiny bit of eye-shadow primer on your lips before your lipstick to hold the colour and make it last all day

xox Love, Neelu
Lead MUA for DMG Designz

Published by

Neelam Kaur

Hi, I'm Neelam! Ottawa based Makeup Artist, Lash Stylist and BossBabe (ok, it's mompreneaur now but I'm not ready to accept the grown up title) with a love for flawless glam!

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