Lancome Grandiose Mascara Review

Lancome Hypnose has been my number one high-end mascara for months now so I was super excited when I received the Grandiose Mascara from Influenster to try out!


Website Description:




This grand mascara reinvents a new application technique with its new swan-neck wand. Grandiôse provides length, curve and volume all-in-one as well as access to all lashes from corner to corner and root to tip.

First impressions:

The packaging and wand is absolutely EVERYTHING! ❤ I haven’t seen a prettier mascara. I love the fact that they gave it a bit more weight to add a touch of luxe to it too.

I was EXTREMELY disappointed to see the spiky silicone wand 😦 I’ve had horrible experiences in the past with these and I wasn’t looking forward to going through it all again.

At first the swan neck seems awkward when you’re pulling it out of the tube but you eventually get use to that.

The first week or two I found that the lashes did get a bit clumpy. This could also be that I’m use to layering mascara – throwing on a volumizing formula and then separating with a lengthening brush. However, the more I used it… the less runny the formula became and the clumpiness minimized.


What I loved about the swan neck was it allowed me to get every little lash (top and bottom) without any mess – I’m usually in a rush while I put on my morning face trying to get out the door to my 3AM bride so I often end up hitting the tip of my mascara wand on the sides of my nose. It’s not easy trying to get those little hairs on the inner corners of my eyes but this mascara gives me control of the playing field 🙂

Overall, I love Lancome and this mascara did not disappoint for a luxury product! I’m in love with the wand and the fact that my lashes don’t feel so stiff the way other mascaras make them feel . This mascara gets my lashes dark, thick, well covered and yet still flexable.


Bonus: The first weekend I tried it (when it was on the clumpier side) I had two of my clients ask me if I was wearing false lashes! I’m a huuuuge lashaholic so I guess this means this is that perfect balance between having big lashes with a natural look.

xox Love, Neelu
Lead MUA for DMG Designz
Lash Stylist, Red Carpet Glamour

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Neelam Kaur

Hi, I'm Neelam! Ottawa based Makeup Artist, Lash Stylist and BossBabe (ok, it's mompreneaur now but I'm not ready to accept the grown up title) with a love for flawless glam!

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